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The Story of Y Cakes

Although I have always been a baking lover, the idea of Y cakes really started after my wedding in 2022. I dared to make our wedding cake. 

My name is Yeraldy, I am a Venezuelan that, as many others, had to flee from my homeland. Being in USA has been a blessing, and a challenge. I went from having a fairly stable life as a college student at home to working night shifts at a restaurant in Miami for $9/hr (no tips) to help my family back home. I went from driving Uber, Instacart and all sorts, to moving Juneau to fulfill my dream of becoming a marine biologist. Although I started school back home in 2010, many things have come in the way. Finally, in 2020, I went back to school and finished my AA. I fell in love for marine mammals, and when the time came to apply for transfer, Alaska was the only place that made sense. In 2021, I started my bachelor in University of Alaska Southeast. Today, due to residency and financial reasons, I have once again postponed my degree. And what used to be a relaxing hobby, became the door to embrace a new field of entrepreneur. I hope that Y cakes becomes, not just a signature for delicious treats that you just cannot get enough from, but also a financial support for my scientific path.

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Yeraldy's Wedding cake
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