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Useful Information

Looking for more information about our cakes or a pending order? Check out our list of frequently asked questions below for some quick answers. If you still have something you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Do you offer gluten free items?

Yes! Initially I had the idea of just offering GF cakes. I was happy to hear people say they didn’t even realized it was GF. But then, since I started using European Flour, I felt confident to offer that to my clients. So, gluten free options will be upon request, but it is always available!


What ingredients do you use? 

I use french flour for my cakes, and gluten free flour when needed. Also, most of my ingredients are organic (eggs, sugar, butter, etc). For me, home baking means baking it as if it is for me or my family. 


How do I keep my purchases fresh?

I recommend keeping your baked goods refrigerated at all times and just letting it reach room temperature before being consumed. For example, if you got a dozen of cupcakes, you want to keep them in the fridge until an hour or two before eating them. I recommend eating my baked good within 24-48 hrs of purchase.


Do you make any vegan items?

Although I used to be vegan for a while, I am not offering several vegan options for now. The only item I can make vegan are my brownies, which I usually make them vegan since I love how they come out super moist and chewy. 

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